About Fine Guns: Volume I

Fine Guns: Volume I is a collection of high-end gun photography created by John Andrew Yerger, featuring the guns of Steve Barnett Fine Guns.  This volume features 858 photographs of 143 shotguns and rifles taken throughout the year 2017.  This book is designed to serve as an archive for the guns photographed during this period, and to showcase the artistry of the guns featured inside.

About The Author / Photographer

John Andrew Yerger is a Mississippi-based photographer who received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Journalism from Mississippi State University.  After college, John began working for Steve Barnett Fine Guns, where he currently specializes in fine gun photography.  Fine Guns: Volume I is the first edition of the series showcasing his work.




About Steve Barnett Fine Guns

Based out of West Point, Mississippi, Steve Barnett Fine Guns is home to one of the most impressive collections of fine guns in the world.  After over thirty years in the trade, Steve Barnett has built a first-class inventory of high-end shotguns, rifles, and handguns.  Fine Guns: Volume I is a collection of photography showcasing some of Steve Barnett Fine Guns’ most remarkable pieces.





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